Find Colonies

Feral honeybee colonies can be hard to find. Bees prefer hollow trees or hollow spaces in structures that have small openings, and are well hidden from the outside. By simply examining trees as you walk by, you are unlikely to find a hive.

Beelining is a method of tracking bees back to their hive, or at least the area it is in. It is fairly easy to do, and doesn't require expensive specialized equipment. The only specialized thing that you are likely to need to acquire to get started is a bee box. And bee boxes can be made or purchased for only a few dollars.

What you will need

  • Bee box
  • Sugar syrup
  • A compass (There are several smartphone apps that work well)
  • A watch, with a second hand if possible
  • A note book and pen
  • Paint pens (or some other paint to mark bees with)

The basics

Bee hunting with Dr Thomas Seeley