Host a Swarm Trap

A swarm trap is a small empty hive. It is a size preferred by bee swarms when they are looking for a new home and contains a sent to help them find it. They are typically hung in a tree or placed in some other location 8'-15' off the ground.

Swarms tend to return in the same place year after year. If you have had swarms in your yard before, a swarm trap is a good way to keep them from moving into unwanted locations.

What is required

To host a swarm trap you need a location to put it that you own and is away from people. We can't put a swarm trap somewhere without permission from the land owner. Once it is installed you will need to check to see if bees have moved in at least once a week during swarm season (April - September in Colorado). To check, just watch for bees coming and going from the entrance during the day. No need to open it or take it down.
Once bees have occupied the trap, let us know and we will move the bees to our apiary. The bees will get a great home and you will have helped them do it!