Track a Colony

To track a colony send us an email or give us a call...

Help us track it and learn more about wild bees in Colorado.

What do I need to do?

Just tell us about the colony, where it is, what they are living in, and if you can send a picture. Then, if you can, give us an update a few times a year to let us know they are surviving and how active they are.

What happens to the bees?

The bees will remain UNHARMED and IN PLACE. If possible we will visit the colony to document it further. We may take a small sample to test for disease or do genetic testing, but will not harm or damage the hive to do so. If you want the colony removed please see our swarms page.

Find a colony

Don't know where a colony is, but want to? We'll help you learn step by step how to find bee hives.
Find a Colony