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Colorado Wild Bees

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Raw Unfiltered Honey

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Local raw unfiltered honey from Westminster and Thornton Colorado. 

From local bees raised without the use of synthetic pesticides. 

Local pickup available, just shoot me a message!

Savor the sweetness of our locally sourced raw unfiltered honey, harvested straight from the rolling hills of Westminster and Thornton, Colorado. Our local beekeepers take great care to produce a honey that not only tastes amazing, but is also good for you and the environment. 

This raw honey retains all its natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, delivering a unique and robust flavor that sets it apart from other honeys on the market. Its creamy texture and bold taste make it perfect for sweetening your tea or coffee, drizzled over yogurt or fruit, or used as a natural sweetener in your baking. 

We are proud to offer a product that is not only delicious, but also sustainably produced, with the welfare of bees and the environment at the forefront. By choosing our local raw unfiltered honey, you are supporting local beekeepers and preserving their way of life. 

So why settle for generic, mass-produced honey when you can have a truly exceptional product straight from the heart of Westminster and Thornton? Order now and taste the difference for yourself. Indulge in a jar of pure, raw honey bliss from Colorado.

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